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SyskopD Update

Download file ini kemudian extract kemudian hasil extract kopikan ke folder c; dan kosongkan database dengan memilih file sql yang ada di folder syskopd yang baru ini

link file nya adalah


sql : copy database antar server

mysqldump -h -u root -p[password] dtbase1 | mysql -h -u root -p[password] dtbase1

Java Menambahkan Hari, Minggu, Bulan Dan Tahun Pada Tanggal

DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat(“dd-MM-yyyy”);
Date TanggalPinjam =df.parse(tglcair.getText());
long Hari1 = TanggalPinjam.getTime();
int diff=(int)Double.parseDouble( fjangka.getText());
Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

1. Menambahkan 1 Hari
cal.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, diff);

2. Menambahkan 1 Minggu
cal.add(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH, diff);

3. Menambahkan 1 Bulan
cal.add(Calendar.MONTH, diff);

4. Menambahkan 1 Tahun
cal.add(Calendar.YEAR, diff);

Date d=cal.getTime();


Installing msttcorefonts on Centos 6.3

Documents received may require MS Fonts to display format correctly, and these MS Ffonts are not available by default in Centos 6.2.

Install tools to create fonts and directories (fake ones for compatibility).
yum install ttmkfdir rpmdevtools

note: ensure all RPM building tools have been installed (see my previous post).

Install ATRPMS repository and MS Fonts.
(for i686 machines, replace x86_64 with i386 as in line below)

(I am using, x86_64 for remainder of notes)
rpm -ivh atrpms-repo-6-5.el6.x86_64.rpm
yum install chkfontpath
rpmbuild -bb msttcorefonts-2.0-1.spec
(download MS Fonts and compile into packages
rpm -ivh rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/msttcorefonts-2.0-1.noarch.rpm
(open Libreoffice or Character Map, see if the Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman are available)

If fonts are not appearing, run following then relog-in (Do not run these if above steps work)